Evolution of SEO

Evolution of SEO

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U.S. Internet marketing agency SEOMoz published a study on the importance of factors ranking in search engines. Were surveyed, 100 SEO-known specialists on the basis of their responses formed top-5 positive and negative ranking factors.

Thus, the most important today to search promotion:
1. text of inbound links, keywords in Ancora;
2. csylochnaya popularity, expresses the ratio of quantity and quality of external links;
3. diversity of sources of external links (the number of links to unique domains);
4. keywords in the tag Title;
5. Trust level of search engines to the site (the notorious Trust), depending on the number of references to trust domains
For technologies that affect the ranking of the most negative, include the following:
1. cloaking (with intent to deceive and manipulate the search engine user);
2. Purchase options on popular reference exchanges;
3. external links to sites / pages with search engine spam;
4. cloaking the parameter User Agent (return different pages to the user and the search robot);
5. frequent technical failures, the unavailability of the site.
The minimum value, experts say, are such things as the location of keywords in tags and metategah, the use of keywords in the URL of pages (in the meantime, the Russian-speaking SEO is considered, among other things, one way to indicate the geographical origin Yandex website or webpage) , the density of keywords in the text of the page, calculated by the formula number of keywords divided by the total number of words on the page, keywords in the title picture. However, less than high compared with the top factors in the value does not make these technologies useless.

Among the negative factors that were not chosen in the top five, is such, as abuse Nofollow tag in the process of building pagerank , overly long URL-s, and page headers, high repeatability of the same Ancora in external links, as well as a variety of technologies search engine spam, associated with cloaking, keyword abuse and different ways of concealment of the text. Full list of ranking factors, together with their level of importance can be found here
Evolution of SEO
In addition to the ranking factors, the experts have created a list of technologies to attract links, put them on the degree of efficiency. Top-10 is as follows:
1. linkbeyting, creating viral content;
2. blogging, work with the blogosphere;
3. classic create valuable content;
4. PR (more than sending press releases);
5. direct purchase links from specific site owners;
6. widgets and other embedded content;
7. conferences and other events;
8. user-generated content (UGC);
9. authoritative directories (DMOZ, Yahoo);
10. Niche social networks

Full list of experts also asked some of the most discussed in the seo-community issues. According to 87%, after changing the algorithm Google in February this year, this search engine has become preferred sites associated with known and popular brands. 83% believe that the subdomains inherit a number of factors ranging zaprosonezavisimyh main domain and other subdomains. Only 10% believe that Google Analytics data has some influence on the ranking of sites. 70% sure that the 301 redirect sends the bulk of factors ranging from one URL to another only under certain conditions related to the quality of content and the lack of search engine spam. 68% believe that the references to Wikipedia, despite the nofollow, affect the ranking in Google is positive, but are not as links, as well as indicators of potential quality and credibility of the site.
The last question concerned the future for SEO. The experts wondered how the next 5 years will change to links to Google as to the ranking factors. 48% felt that the links will lose its significance, but still remain an important factor that will connect new sources of information for the ranking, for example, data on the use of the site, the relationship of social graph. 37% believe that the link does not lose its importance, but it will vary significantly, which links and how to influence the ranking. 15% believe that in the next 5 years the use of Google options will be approximately the same as it was five years proshlnye.